Don't keep a dog and bark yourself! 

Meaning:  Don't pay someone to do a task and then do it yourself.


In July 2011, I wanted to do some shopping and found my car without wheels...  we had already had a lot of problems before ... I thought it was time to have a dog again to warn us when something happened in the street, in front of our house.
 I hadn't had a dog from 2005 till 2011. When I talked of having another dog, Daniel always said: "But you have me!" :) ???  And... yes... I liked a thousand times more to have him by my side than any dog! But he isn't there anymore and now , I 'm lost without a GPS , I find my motivation on the net, and I don't feel safe when I go to my favourite places to take pictures... e.g., I haven't taken any night photography since 2010...

But let's go on with our Arab Prince... his pedigree name is EMIR,  (I call him Gingko), I found him somewhere in France and adopted him... he really is a beauty,  I knew the 18 months he lived without us were difficult, but I was confident ... I had done that 3 times before ...

After 15 months together, I still have to carry him (25-30kg) when he is afraid while we're doing our walk...  he barks like a fool when my sons come home but is just silent when a stranger rings at the door... and I bark to teach him... no, I'm not fair... he has learned by now but still isn't sure it's the right behaviour...


  1. Gingko is a beautiful dog and his eyes tell me he will be a great and clever companion...

  2. hey Kia i love his face..very full of character and the expression is so very appropriate for this week..so when you bark what do YOU sound like lol

  3. He is such a beautiful dog, and I was laughing so much when you described how you have to carry him when he is scared!!

    Here is MY PP LINK

  4. hi kia ....sonny here.....found you on mitch's page...:)

    i love the name gingko...! beautiful looking too...

  5. I think, he needed you even more than you needed him..he must have had some bad experiences before that still makes him insecure. He is beautiful!

  6. I have noticed your love for both cats and dogs, and would like to invite you to a site. Images of Tim Flash are amazing!

    More than human

  7. What a beauty! Good yuo ahve him on your side ... even though he barks at the wrong people, lol.
    Here's mine ... Riete's Expression

  8. Your handsome prince looks like he comes prom a good pedigree background. I love the way you have photographed him Kia.
    I also loved your story.
    Even though he looks like a warrior prince your Ginko seems like he had a not so good early life.
    I am sure that now he sees you as his mum. Keep teaching him and he will respond in time. Maybe a few classes at dog training might help him and you get him back to his warrior status.

  9. This is the first time I come to know this expression. He looks like a gentleman.

    Thank you for the visit.

  10. He's a handsome fur kid. Love the photo! the saying is new to me and i like it.

  11. I saw his face first and immediately thought *Prince,* and then got to the top of your page and started to read. He can be nothing else but a pedigree and indeed a prince. lol

    He is lovely and I think Milli's idea of a training school with him is fantastic. After all my dear, he had to learn he is the protector, not you. A bit big to be carried around I would think too. *smile.*

  12. Pretty dog! I love his name. I'd never seen gingko trees until I came to NY. They are everywhere,here.

    Great photo and expression. I've never heard that before.