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1  I loved this theme ...
2  I could spend my day creating that kind of images but ...
3  I've not yet begun cleaning up my garden... and that's quite a job :)! I never use herbicides and other chemical stuff, I don't even eliminate all the weeds, a question of offering insects a certain bio-diversity! Nettles, for example are very important for a lot of caterpillars. Without caterpillars, no butterflies...
4  I wouldn't like to have language mistakes on my pictures, so if you notice some, please tell me!

andrewhanson wrote on Apr 23, edited on Apr 23
Indeed - its a disaster in the making. Future generations will inherit an Earth virtually void of other forms of life if nothing is done. The photo is beautiful.


Thanks for your comment, Kia!

jacobofftheladder wrote on Apr 23
beautiful photo! and sobering words :|

cleaunz wrote on Apr 23
Sobering was the word and feeling that came from your words Kia!!! It brings me back to the reality of the earth today - which is what earth day is all about!! I garden without any chemicals too - Natural gardening I cal it.I also with only one exception make all I need only from what is in my garden to grow my vegetables and other plants. I too create environments to lure back the balance needed!! Weeds are wonderful!!! :)

ladycallie wrote on Apr 23
seems we share the same thoughts and concerns

a truly beautiful presentation!

thanks for dropping by

amalie2 wrote on Apr 23
Looking at your image is like candy for my eyes..and the words you have added, underline your love for beauty and nature.

debbydoes wrote on Apr 23
So simple and yet, so beautiful!

I never used chemicals in my garden either. I didn't know that about the nettles. I had plenty of those in the yard when I lived in Jackson, Ga. Happy that I didn't pull them all up now.

Images & Words Week # 155 ~ Earth Day

ummancan wrote on Apr 23

leadfootweenie wrote on Apr 23

cruizin57 wrote on Apr 24
I think your words are right. I never use anything but
tea compost on my garden. Eco friendly.

Now I have to tell you that is one awesome shot.
I just love it with the drops of water and the beautiful color...

mrsrh wrote on Apr 24

millimusings wrote on Apr 25
Such a stunning photo for your perfect words Kia.
I do not use chemicals in my garden and strive for a balance as much as possible.
You certainly make your stance here perfectly Clear.

akrap wrote on Apr 25
Very nice. Yes keep it natural. I use vinegar to rid any trouble weeds, and yes recycle a lot of leaves back to the ground. My garden is just beginning to get prepped for the season. Shesh~! What a job, and all from the heart. Have a great day.

wingsc wrote on Apr 27
I promise not to get on my soapbox here...I love your take of Earth Day.

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