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It's International Workers' Day today and I decided to combine the theme of this week "IF" with something about work... I have a  thought for all those who feel socially excluded because they're out of work, for those who have to work in indecent conditions, for those who are discriminated and I thank  all those who try with their work to make our world a better place to live in...


When I was at the Secondary School, I used to write that quotation on all my copybooks and all my life, I've considered that if you only can say "I love you" and you can't translate that love in deeds... well... there is no love...

millimusings wrote on May 1, edited on May 1
I agree with you. The wisdom of Kahlil Gibran in this quote makes perfect sense to me too.
I think that you use the same amount of energy whether you work proficiently in joy or slap dash in deep dissatisfaction.
The best option though for me is to work with joy.
It is noticeable when any deed is done with love as it
is always the best out come.
That is a great photo to go with the quote Kia.
I hope that you were not bothered by those sparks.
Thanks for your visit.

epavebelle wrote on May 1
I really love this. This is actually my favorite entry I've seen so far. I just love it!

andrewhanson wrote on May 1
Terrific and timelty quote. Wonderful photo. Thanks for your comment, dear.


ladycallie wrote on May 1
Inspiring presentation......

amalie2 wrote on May 1, edited on May 2
What an interesting entry! One should just post entries with meaning..about a theme that really matters to oneself. As far as I have seen, that's what you do over and over again.
Your image is great. Those yellow sparks..I simply love the way you have made this!
International Workers' Day is still important, also in Europe. The workers rights are too often attacked.

http://imageswithwords.multiply.com/journal/item/179/Images_and_Words_week_156_If Thanks for your nice words to my entry!

belita747 wrote on May 1
Great photo to go with that quote!
Thanks for the visit.

leadfootweenie wrote on May 1
Oooo that's a double Wow~!!, Beautifully done~!! Such a lovely and true quote.Thanks for
your sweet comment on mine and it was so true. We are orphaned by death taking our loved ones.


cruizin57 wrote on May 1

This is a great post. Makes one think.
Your photo and words are perfect as usual.

ummancan wrote on May 2

lynda61 wrote on May 4
Great !

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