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Here "standard" has been white for 5 or 6 years now... 2 white cats, one with long hair and the other one with short hair...
But it hasn't always been so! I had my first cat , Cathy, a completely black one, in the sixties :)!! and all the cats I have ever had afterwards were and are  her descendants... I don't know how many GENERATIONS that is!
I've always preferred black cats and until '96-97 I only kept the black ones. But then, Kamy and Felix were born... she was white (the first white one) and he was black... They were too cute to give away... Most of the babies I had from then on were white and when Felix died all my cats were white until now...
Three new kittens were born 2 months ago: a black one, a grey one and a white one...
I thought I would have the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, but no... it has been grey outside for weeks now and most of my pictures are blurred because I don't have enough light indoors... This one is: iso 1000 and TV 1/25...

andrewhanson wrote on May 8, edited on May 8
Awfully sweet li'l kitten. Wonderful words.


Thanks for your delighted comment, dear.

ladycallie wrote on May 8
adorable take on the theme!

Images & Words # 157 " Generations "

belita747 wrote on May 8
He is so cute.... I love cats, my favourite pets, though nowadays I haven't any.
Thanks for the visit.

mitchylr wrote on May 8
What a lovely little kitten :-)) And wonderful that you have stayed with descendants of your original cat.


amalie2 wrote on May 8, edited on May 8
I remember well that white cat..the one on the image you received "Star of the week" for, right?
This is a very cute presentation..these cats enjoy each others company!
Genes as theme is quite interesting, and having had cats from the same family for years, you have had the possibility to notice both the expected colours... and then surprises.

I like your quote..it's true and also important. Each generation has to find their own identity.

Thank you for the nice words to my entry! http://amalie2.multiply.com/journal/item/469/Images_Words_157_Generations

ummancan wrote on May 8
WOOOWWWW what a sweet entry with true words .
I love cats and have one year old Blackberry with me .
Thanks for your contribution and visit to my post and kind words as well.

millimusings wrote on May 8
Aww your story is as sweet as your capture Kia.
I love your chosen quote too!!
Thank you for the visit. x

leadfootweenie wrote on May 8
Great capture and story.
Thanks for your comment~!!
I'm proud I made you Smile.

wolfein wrote on May 10



debbydoes wrote on May 12
Oh so sweet! I love the photo and the history of it. I hope you keep all three of the babies!

Images & Words Week # 157 ~ Generation

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