Blog EntryIMAGES AND WORDS ~ Week 158 ~ BEAUTYMay 13, '12 12:57 PM
for everyone

                            Common hawthorn, taken this morning in my garden...

andrewhanson wrote on May 14, edited on May 15
utterly lovely photo and exquisite words.


Thanks for your delighted and appreciative comment, dear.

belita747 wrote on May 14
Very artistic editing... from the beautiful hawthorns I can figure out how nice your garden must be.... Van Gogh's words ring very true...
Thanks for the visit.

tabbynera wrote on May 14

ummancan wrote on May 14
You have made the flowers as if dancing , very well done and matched with true words.
Thanks for your visit and kind words.


jacobofftheladder wrote on May 14
Beautiful photo! love the softness! great quote too!

mitchylr wrote on May 14
Beautiful macro shot and a very good choice of words :-))


cleaunz wrote on May 15
True words very much so - in nature there is beauty even in those things we fear!! Stunning photo - looks so nice I could eat them!!

epavebelle wrote on May 15
Such beautiful flowers! And such true words! :)

guazzetto25 wrote on May 15
true words and stunning pic. ty for passing by

debbydoes wrote on May 15
Absolutely perfect!

akrap wrote on May 15
SO very true the words and the picture that proves it.

amalie2 wrote on May 16
what can i say, kia..but this: i love your work! absolutely stunning!


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