PICTURE PERFECT ** 26-05-2012** Unforgettable Strangers


People are rarely the subject of my pictures, even if I like to have nice pictures of the ones I love...
Of course, I've met strangers who've changed something in my life... but I've no pictures of them!
Most of time I hate having "people" on my pictures and after some time I delete them...
I don't know that man, we didn't talk,  but he will forever be part of an unforgettable day... thus, unforgettable himself, that's the only reason why he still is on one of my hard drives!
Because that day WE went "reflections hunting" in Brussels and I thought the ball of that man could be interesting for our theme... I couldn't capture what I imagined but I keep preciously everything,  every moment I spent with "the other half of WE"...

fransformation wrote on May 27

brycecoddnormal wrote on May 27
I'm like you. I don't really like taking pictures of people. This mime I would have made an exception for, too. He was good? Looks like he might be. Hard to tell from a photo. The memories I'm sure are good.


mitchylr wrote on May 27
A very good photo, Kia. I'm very much like you, in that I rarely take photos of people. I haven't even looked to see if I have anything for this theme.

hotstone2go wrote on May 27
I hear you Kia, I'm more into nature photography or weeds as Gator calls them...but every now and then something clicks. Great photo...loving the crystal ball, as if he is watching his future unfold in it. http://hotstone2go.multiply.com/journal/item/970/PP-Unforgettable_Strangers_-_WWII_Honor_Flight

empressselena wrote on May 27
This is a wonderful shot. I do not often take pics of people either unless it is family. But once in a while I do. LOL & It was a thing on one of the groups to go out & actually ask a stranger to take their pic! LOL Glad you enjoyed mine!

karen21445 wrote on May 27
Cool picture and a great reflection in that bubble and he isn't hard on the eyes, either. Lol.


awakingdreams wrote on May 27
Not for the theme of Reflection, great choice for "Stranger" theme. :)


aspenglow24 wrote on May 27
That's a wonderful photo! I'm like you - not that interested in people, per se. I don't take many people shots.

mrsrh wrote on May 29
and it is a very neat photo


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