IMAGES AND WORDS # 160 ~ Pot Luck

May 29, '12 3:50 PM
for everyone


mitchylr wrote on May 29
Beautiful shot of the birds, Kia. You've chosen a great quote to go with it.


mrsrh wrote on May 29

ladycallie wrote on May 29
I echo what Mitch has said.... wonderful presentation

Images & Words # 160 " Freedom is Never Free "

maryselafleur wrote on May 29
superbe! Je t'ai dit que mon chéri s'intéressait de plus en plus à la photo? Il commence à être assez bien équipé ...

andrewhanson wrote on May 30, edited on May 30
Beautiful photo and wonderful, thoughtworthy quote.


Thanks for your delighted comment, dear.

guazzetto25 wrote on May 30
cool pic, kia.ty for passing by

belita747 wrote on May 30
Wonderful shot of the birds..... Love the quote, too!

millimusings wrote on May 30
Beautiful!!! Thanks Kia for sharing.

poetessgarden wrote on May 30
very striking coloring on the birds (seagulls?) and you chose a perfect quote...I like the "flying" in your photo

laniebg wrote on May 30
Such wise words! Love your picture as well.

kia909 wrote on May 30
very striking coloring on the birds (seagulls?
It makes me nervous when I can't remember the name of a bird I know... I've been thinking of it for 2 days now... but I've found it!!!!

awakingdreams wrote on May 30
Fantastic capture of these flying Eurasian Oystercatcher!
Perfect quote for this shot.

cruizin57 wrote on May 30
Wow what a capture. Fantastic! and
I love your quote.

leadfootweenie wrote on May 31
Beautiful capture and I love the quote.
Thanks for stopping by and your comment on mine.
Both shots are of the same wheat field.

amalie2 wrote on May 31
That's very comforting words and a brave way of facing life's many challenges!
A stunning image.

ummancan wrote on Jun 1
WOOOWWWWW loved the picture of the seagulls and your words made think , very true .
Thanks for your visit , have a nice weekend.


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