PICTURE PERFECT: 02-06-2012 ** AN IDIOM **

Blog EntryPICTURE PERFECT: 02-06-2012 ** AN IDIOM **Jun 2, '12 2:00 AM
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Life is just a bowl of cherries ...


I think we won't have a lot of cherries in Belgium this year (because of the bad weather). These are imported from Italy and still cost an arm and a leg!

Life is just a bowl of cherries:This expression means that life is pleasant and uncomplicated, can also be used ironically
To cost an arm and a leg: to be very expensive.

oneluckybean wrote on Jun 2
grins...great minds think alike...love your cherries too :))

magictoymissing wrote on Jun 2, edited on Jun 2

serenole wrote on Jun 2
Great minds... (you and Heather) :} Love your idea...

PP: ~ Idiom ~

guazzetto25 wrote on Jun 2
tres jolie ma chere amie, merci pour ta visite

misstexasrose wrote on Jun 2
I like this very much ...

millimusings wrote on Jun 2
A very beautiful photo Kia and I love those idioms in your explanations. Enjoy those cherries!

amalie2 wrote on Jun 2, edited on Jun 2
I've learnt many idioms through this theme! Your image is very well composed and shot..I love it!
It looks very inviting.


aranolein wrote on Jun 2, edited on Jun 2

jolaranita wrote on Jun 2
I love that shot...cherries cost a lot around here too

mitchylr wrote on Jun 2
Lovely shot, they look sweet and juicy. And you managed to get in an extra idiom, too :-))


msowens1 wrote on Jun 2

poetessgarden wrote on Jun 2
cherries are my favorite fruit and sadly they are always expensive here too

your second idiom was "...cost and arm and a leg" (good job!)

ummancan wrote on Jun 2
WOOOWWWWW cheries I love them . Your idioms are new for me.
Thanks for your visit and kind words.


goofygreeneyes wrote on Jun 2
life's for tastin....grins....beautiful pic kia.....

mrsrh wrote on Jun 3
I'll repete my comment,
To be eaten with chocolate and a glass of wine.
Nice shot for the theme.


serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 3
Beautiful shot and perfect phrase!!!

lindao6 wrote on Jun 4
Such a beautiful picture...the shadows and textures,,,, just perfect!
I love cherries so much, I'm afraid I would have to spend that arm and
a leg for them! (another great idiom you came up with)

bertthemensachicken wrote on Jun 4
Very nice photo.

Finally getting around at looking at the others. -
Picture Perfect - Idiom - Chocolates

cleaunz wrote on Jun 4
creative thoughts in this one - great photo - very professional - would see such a photo in a magazine! Life is like that eh!!


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