They are three and nearly 3 months old now ( I have really chosen to keep them )... and they changed my daily grind thoroughly!!
For instance: the first thing, I have to do now when I get up is picking up all the books that are on the floor and put them back on the bookshelves...They think those bookshelves are such an interesting place in the living-room: you can hide, you can climb...
 Then, there is feeding, cleaning, repairing what they've broken :) but most of the time it's really a pleasure to watch them and care for them!

mitchylr wrote on Jun 10
What a cute trio!! Yes, kittens can be hard work, specially when they rearrange things for you :-))

By the way, you haven't put a link for your entry on the PP page.


brycecoddnormal wrote on Jun 10
Aw, they are really cute, too! Not to mention well educated. They keep wanting to check out the books.

guazzetto25 wrote on Jun 10, edited on Jun 10
what a cutie. merce pour ta visite ma chere Kia

magictoymissing wrote on Jun 10
LOL... I have two cats myself. They are a handfull so I can surely relate...
Great Pic... ;)

awakingdreams wrote on Jun 10
I can feel that you enjoy this new daily grind. :)

amalie2 wrote on Jun 10
Simply wonderful portraits of your lovely kittens, Kia. They are small personalities!


millimusings wrote on Jun 10
Aww you have three of the most adorable babes there Kia.
Loved your description of their antics.
A truly beautiful collage of these little beauties too.

ummancan wrote on Jun 10, edited on Jun 10
AWWWWW I do understand you very well cause mine had a sister so I was busy with the two from birh to 3 months cause they had no mother.
Your black one is like my Blackberry .
Thanks for your visit .


jgaryhillstudio wrote on Jun 10
kia cats are always into something and seems they enjoy knocking books down..whats with that lol...pretty kittys :)

sharonl344 wrote on Jun 10
They are so much fun to watch when they are kittens how they scamper and play , great photo !!


zorra5 wrote on Jun 11
What a trio of cuties! You'll have your hands full for quite a while, I'm sure!!! Now, if I could just get my one-year old pup to stop eating my shoes!!!

Thanks for visiting Picture Perfect - My Daily "Grind"

debbydoes wrote on Jun 11
They are adorable! I'm glad you kept them....wish I had a few!

Picture Perfect ~ Daily Grind

mixednuts62 wrote on Jun 15
so precious! i have 4 cats. 3 are my son's and they are not declawed so imagine my furniture. i'm gonna have to buy a new living room set when my son moves out. oh but they so adorable when they play! we let our cats out during the day and let them play in the garden. they know when it is time to go home. they usually stand by the door when are ready to go in. when i get home from work the 4 cats are standing by the door waiting for me. i love, love your cat picture. you made my day. thanks for sharing this picture. ~gina

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