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Reflection in a shop window. On the left, the easily recognizable cupola of the Brussels Palace of Justice.

tabbynera wrote on Jun 12
That is such a good combination - really strange. Must show that to my son - he lived in Brussels for 3 years and definitely wil know the Palace of Justice I am sure.

andrewhanson wrote on Jun 12, edited on Jun 12
Terrific entry. Indeed so true. Cool photo to go along with the theme.


Thanks for your commen, dear.

brycecoddnormal wrote on Jun 12
Great picture! I was going to ask about that interesting dome, but I see you've told me already. Brussels is on my 'want to see' list...along with an embarrassingly large number of other places.

forenso wrote on Jun 12
Absolutely Brilliant shot.
Thank you for your visit.

ladycallie wrote on Jun 12
Oh...this is GOOD!
has an eerieness to it.

thanks for dropping by

poetessgarden wrote on Jun 12
a fun and artistic photo with words that fit perfectly!

awakingdreams wrote on Jun 12
One layer after another...interesting capture! Very nice, Kia

millimusings wrote on Jun 12
I really love your photo here Kia.
Strange and yet intriguing at the same time.
The quote is fantastic and so true!
Thank You.

ummancan wrote on Jun 14
WOOOOOWWWW excellent shot .
Thanks for your visite. The sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke is a little like potatoe , you can eat it cooked or raw. one of my favoprite vegetable though it makes you gassy a litle.

amalie2 wrote on Jun 15
very well observed and shot. you really know how to put words and images together!

leguillou wrote on Jun 22
love it!

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