PICTURE PERFECT / 16-06-2012/ Show me some fun

Blog EntryPICTURE PERFECT / 16-06-2012/ Show me some fun

         Jun 16, '12 8:01 AM


No gales of laughter, but an amused smile when you discover 3 naked babies climbing the front of a building...

brycecoddnormal wrote on Jun 16
Cute sculpture! I would smile at it for sure...in fact, did smile at it.

amalie2 wrote on Jun 16
kia909 said
an amused smile
exactly! you found the right words :-)
lovely entry, kia!

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zorra5 wrote on Jun 16
Yep, that would be a bit of an amused shock! I'm smiling here!!! (Just want to reach out and tickle those little toes!)

Picture Perfect - Show Me Some Fun

mitchylr wrote on Jun 16
LOL. That would certianly make you stop and look, and then smile!!! Great shot Kia :-))


magictoymissing wrote on Jun 16

karen21445 wrote on Jun 17
That is certainly unique...one is funny enough but three of them? The artist certainly had a sense of humor.


weepingofthevine wrote on Jun 17
The skyscraper crawlers :)))
Thanx for the visit!

cruizin57 wrote on Jun 17
Kia you always come up with the neatest
shots. That is a fun shot for sure.

awakingdreams wrote on Jun 17
Babies nowadays are so cool! :)

ummancan wrote on Jun 17
Comment deleted at the request of the author.

sharonl344 wrote on Jun 17
Fun as long as they are toilet trained lol, no really a wonderful fun shot !!!


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