Blog EntryIMAGES AND WORDS: week 163 "IT'S SUMMERTIME"Jun 18, '12 2:06 AM
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I was lucky yesterday... a whole day without rain and a blue sky with only some white clouds... and I could shoot butterflies on the mock-orange shrub! We hadn't had a day like that for weeks ...This morning it was raining cats and dogs again!!

mitchylr wrote on Jun 18

guazzetto25 wrote on Jun 18
what a fab photo with fantastic words. ciao

belita747 wrote on Jun 18
Very beautiful photo... Love the words... they are really good ones!!!!!
Hope the sun will shine soon at your place...

tabbynera wrote on Jun 18
Good shot and words - yes, it's butterfly time again. Keep the rain in Belgium, In Switzerland we at last have summer weather.

awakingdreams wrote on Jun 18
How lovely both your photo and words!

millimusings wrote on Jun 18
How absolutely beautiful!
I hope that you get wonderful sunshine for days on end soon.
Love your words too.

andrewhanson wrote on Jun 18, edited on Jun 18
Wonderful quote - indeed - we are drawn to flowers as are bees to honey. Beautiful photo to complement the words.


Thanks for your comment, dear.

ladycallie wrote on Jun 18
absolutely STUNNING photo and endearing words!!
thanks for dropping by

amalie2 wrote on Jun 18
I read your words for my 19 years old daughter, and she agreed :-) Yes, so it is, she said.
Your image is outstandingly beautiful. Love it!


And thank you so much for your nice words to my entry http://amalie2.multiply.com/journal/item/476/Images-Words-162-Its-summertime

brycecoddnormal wrote on Jun 18
I've sure got the overcast weather here, though fortunately not the rain. Lovely picture, too.

ummancan wrote on Jun 18

starfishred wrote on Jun 18
wow and double wow how lucky to find such a great speciman and a wonderful shot you took and great words love em and they are so true

thanks for participating

mrsrh wrote on Jun 19
what a nice capture, love butterflies


debbydoes wrote on Jun 19

leadfootweenie wrote on Jun 19
I've never heard that quote, But, I Like it~!!


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