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You know what? Taking food pictures really isn't an easy job...
When I saw the theme this morning, I spent some time thinking (I've been drinking some cups of coffee during that time)... muddy boots? No, not the courage to have a walk in the rain... dough? something with molten cheese?
I chose rice pudding because I thought it would be rapid... Preparation OK (1L of milk, 185gr dessert rice, 4 spoons of sugar, some vanilla flavor, everything in my breadmaker and after 1 hour it's ready). Choosing the plate, some strawberry coulis... and I had seen somewhere a picture of rice pudding with bubbles and I liked it... so, I prepared my bubbles with milk and soy lecithin and put it on my rice pudding!  Then I took everything upstairs (a question of light) began the shooting when my son arrived... he's the rice pudding amateur in the house and was disgusted by the bubbles! Ok, I wasn't quite sure anymore I liked them... and I ate the object of my shooting. I prepared a second plate without bubbles and did it all over again... and you know what? it looked so gooey that I'll never show those pictures to  anybody... The aim of food photography is making things look appealing, isn't it?


kia909 wrote on Jun 24
Brieuc has just eaten my second plate...

zorra5 wrote on Jun 24
You got a laugh out of me on this one! Looks pretty good, in spite of the "unappetizing" bubbles!


amalie2 wrote on Jun 24
you have really put much work into this. i like rice pudding too, we mix it with whipped cream. lovely shot, but i prefer without bubbles. can't participate right now, we spend some time in our summerhouse and right now i'm using my mother's pc.

ummancan wrote on Jun 24
Rice pudding is the only dessert I never eat . Yes the bubbles arent very inviting.


msowens1 wrote on Jun 24
I've only recently in my life become a fan of rice pudding [please add raisins for me!].... but you did a wonderful, wonderful job to make it very appealing!


ummancan wrote on Jun 24
We have some similar desserts with Arabs , like baklava , dear Kia . Thanks for your visit.


oneluckybean wrote on Jun 24
grins..were all food junkies arent we..this is excellent!

sharonl344 wrote on Jun 24
You are very patient and a good cook and it was worth it, look at that if I could grab the plate lol


awakingdreams wrote on Jun 24
This rice pudding looks like an abstract painting, extremely inviting!


serenole wrote on Jun 25
great shot... looks pretty darn good to me! Homemade rice pudding is awesome!
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bluebutterflykiss wrote on Jun 25
I can smell it! :o)

debbydoes wrote on Jun 25
hmm, it looks good! I can't find a good recipe for rice pudding. I've tried to remember how my mom made it, but nothing I do comes out right.

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magictoymissing wrote on Jun 25
Haahaaa... Yes, I would be a little hesitant to. Great pic even so... :P

fotofriday wrote on Jun 28
I love the textures here...and the strawberry contrast.

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