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I don't have crocodile-skin handbags or shoes but I've attended lessons to become a nature guide during 2 years; so I know that the coloured particles you have on your fingers when you catch a butterfly and take it in your hands are "scales". I could take a lot of 1/1 macros of this swalowtail because it was hurt and couldn't fly away anymore...
Wikipedia ref: "Lepidopteran species are characterized by more than three derived features, some of the most apparent being the scales covering their bodies and wings, and a proboscis. The scales are modified, flattened "hairs", and give butterflies and moths their extraordinary variety of colors and patterns."

They think that a butterfly does not cry... but you did.

guazzetto25 wrote on Jun 25
cool choice, au revoire

bluebutterflykiss wrote on Jun 25, edited on Jun 25

jgaryhillstudio wrote on Jun 25
educational and beautiful kia...they make great macros dont they

karen21445 wrote on Jun 25
Wonderful shot. I never knew that butterfly wings had scales.


fransformation wrote on Jun 25
Love your take on the theme, Kia! That's a very interesting photo.


amalie2 wrote on Jun 25
this is pure art, my friend. i'm in awe.

mitchylr wrote on Jun 25

ummancan wrote on Jun 25
WOOWWW , I didnt know that thanks for the explanation , poor one .


serenole wrote on Jun 26
NICE!! What a great macro shot! Very clever!
Picture Perfect: ~ Scaley ~

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