Blog EntryPICTURE PERFECT : Textures 5 : HAIRYJun 26, '12 2:33 PM
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An adorable young man, one of my nephew's friends... The only fact of looking at his hair gives you some of Samson's powers for 24h :) .


nahimanacg wrote on Jun 26
Lot's of hair:)

zorra5 wrote on Jun 26, edited on Jun 26
Whoa! He has some serious kinks in that hair! Great shot.


moptop55 wrote on Jun 26
Terrific portrait, handsome young'un, and some Serious hair!

weepingofthevine wrote on Jun 26
handsome :)

mnijdeken wrote on Jun 26

fotofriday wrote on Jun 26
handsome young man that...great pic for the theme :)

crazykk wrote on Jun 26
He is just cute as can be and that's an excellent portrait shot!

serenole wrote on Jun 27
handsome young man! Love his hair, too!
Picture Perfect: ~ Hairy ~

guazzetto25 wrote on Jun 27
nice portrait of a hairy lad

debbydoes wrote on Jun 27
ohhh, kewl hair and a handsome young man!

Picture Perfect ~ Week of Themes ~ Tuesday ~ Hairy

amalie2 wrote on Jun 29
adorable indeed! :-)

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