Images and Words week 168: Food and Drink

Blog EntryImages and Words week 168: Food and DrinkJul 24, '12 11:42 AM
for everyone
At the moment, I'm spending all my free time cooking and trying to improve my skills in food photography...
My entry was ready yesterday but I thought today's pictures were better so... :)  here it is! 


andrewhanson wrote on Jul 24, edited on Jul 24
Looks scrumptious. A shrimp salad is always delish. Terrific shot and wonderful words.


Thanks for your kind comment, dear.

dusty4347 wrote on Jul 24
Oh, that looks tasty !!

cruizin57 wrote on Jul 25
Your food photography is perfect.
This dish looks mighty tasty.

amalie2 wrote on Jul 25
This is just delicate, my friend. Your quote is worth pondering on..
Hope you are enjoying July. I am staying in Oslo with a friend for some days.

debbydoes wrote on Jul 27
Yum! I want some!

love the quote, so true!

Images & Words Week # 168 ~ Food & Drink

tabbynera wrote on Jul 28
Looks very appetising (a Belgian dish without Witlof - LOL)

amalie2 wrote on Aug 4
Strange coincidence: I read this quote online a few days ago, for the first time ever. Now you have chosen it for this theme. Your food looks delicious!

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