PICTURE PERFECT: Summer Competition 2012 Week Seven The "HEART" of the Matter

            A message to the immaterial!


No editing, no photoshop... just playing with a book, different backgrounds and a lamp...

guazzetto25 wrote on Aug 23
nice pic, kia

amalie2 wrote on Aug 23
wow..you clever friend! you have really succeeded with that playing! impressing, would i say :-)

secclux wrote on Aug 23
Very nice...yes the same.

jgaryhillstudio wrote on Aug 23
looks like the playing paid off kia...nice use of the lighting and softness of the background

goofygreeneyes wrote on Aug 23

millimusings wrote on Aug 23
Excellent Kia.
So Artistic and so you....
PICTURE PERFECT ~ heart of the matter

msowens1 wrote on Aug 23
so artistic! just lovely...


serenole wrote on Aug 23
very clever! Great shot!
PP#7: Heart of the Matter

mitchylr wrote on Aug 23

cachinnae wrote on Aug 23

mnijdeken wrote on Aug 23
Oh wow, that's brilliant!
Thanks for stopping by :)

karen21445 wrote on Aug 23
So beautiful and so creative. This one should be in the top 10, for sure.


oneluckybean wrote on Aug 23
just gorgeous :)

cruizin57 wrote on Aug 23
This is just perfect. You a re really clever...

poetessgarden wrote on Aug 24

debbydoes wrote on Aug 24

djdx wrote on Aug 25
Well done.

serendipitydreams wrote on Aug 25
Black heart (cards)

omgmav wrote on Aug 25
Beautiful capture.

weepingofthevine wrote on Aug 25
What a wonderful and sweet shot! :)

empressselena wrote on Aug 25
O beautiful! Love the color in the background!

Empress S's ~Heart~"

mitchylr wrote on Aug 25
Congrats on the Top Ten.....well deserved!!

pestep55 wrote on Aug 25
Very cool - Congrats!

sharonl344 wrote on Aug 25
Congratulations !!!

laniebg wrote on Aug 25
Gorgeous! Congrats!

emotionalblondesa wrote on Aug 25
Congrats on TT Kia...:))

auntbee46 wrote on Aug 25
Superb!!! Congrats on your TT!! :)

empressselena wrote on Aug 25
Congratulations on top 10!

miadelight wrote on Aug 25
Lovely Kia, well done and congrats!

hotstone2go wrote on Aug 25
Kia, this is great!

aspenglow24 wrote on Aug 25
Great lighting, lovely shape. And the shine of the pages gives it an unexpected texture. Congrats

serenole wrote on Aug 26
I really like this one.. congrats on your top ten!

jimgrooving wrote on Aug 26
Love it

amalie2 wrote on Aug 26
Congratulations Kia!

weepingofthevine wrote on Aug 26
Congratulation :)

sue980 wrote on Aug 26
Kia, when i saw this,i was blown away; it was not just the quality of the picture,it was the original thought that went behind it and the trouble you had gone to with the lighting. I voted for you because of the effort you had put into it. Brilliant!

amalie2 wrote on Aug 27
This is a fantastic shot, Kia. It's so much more than an image. Hugs to you!

cruizin57 wrote on Aug 27
I just returned home and had to congratulate you on your win.
Your photo was very impressive. Fantastic actually. Very
creative thinking and skill.

sue980 wrote on Aug 28
I just new you would win,a perfect picture for picture perfect. :-))

serenole wrote on Sep 5
I just LOVE this Kia! Congratulations on your nod for best of best.

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