PICTURE PERFECT : Summer Competition 2012 Week 6 ~ Dirty ~

Dirty... that's what you don't show people,what makes you feel guilty because you haven't cleaned it up yet... and I must say until now I've never tried to find something dirty to photograph :)! That's the fun of PP !!
After some thinking I decided there were only 3 possibilities
1.  "protest" photography  (pollution ...)
2    humorous photography
3   or then  sublimation...? Not sure that word is used in English... let's say idealization then!
I chose the last one and could write a long blog about "My old spider web with plenty of brown dust on it" and about the other ones in my hair, about my ladder, my lamps... :)
I turned the picture upside down... sublimation! :)


mitchylr wrote on Aug 16
That's the most beautiful dirty shot I've seen so far!!


serenole wrote on Aug 16
excellent choice!

sue980 wrote on Aug 16
Great Shot! I am so glad i am not the only one with cobwebs.

sharonl344 wrote on Aug 16
That spider web has taken on a life of it's own lol great photo!!


msowens1 wrote on Aug 16

mrsrh wrote on Aug 16
The webs in our area can look like this too.

Rockin' Heart Ranch Summer Picture Perfect Competition: "Dirt"

oneluckybean wrote on Aug 17
gosh what a great shot...youre so creative!

fransformation wrote on Aug 17
What a transformation ... from photo to a work of art. I would have to frame this one and hang it where it can always be seen.

poetessgarden wrote on Aug 17
a very cool shot!

amalie2 wrote on Aug 17
simply impressing how you can make anything turn into a piece of art..even a dusty spider net. you are one creative soul for sure :-)

aspenglow24 wrote on Aug 18
Really creative and an interesting shot. Love this.

zorra5 wrote on Aug 18
Oh dear!!! I don't think the spider is home to keep it clean!!! Great shot...congrats on your Top Ten pick!

pestep55 wrote on Aug 18
Artistically done /:-) Congrats!

amalie2 wrote on Aug 18
Congratulations, Kia! It's very good!

secclux wrote on Aug 18
Congrats on this weeks top ten!

emotionalblondesa wrote on Aug 18

sharonl344 wrote on Aug 18
Congratulations Kia !!!!

msowens1 wrote on Aug 18
Congrats on TT Kia!

tendrils wrote on Aug 18
This sure was a "find!" Congratulations!

miadelight wrote on Aug 19
Clever Kia, congrats!

empressselena wrote on Aug 19
O geez that is an awesome shot! Congrats on top 10!

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