Images & Words Week 171 - The Meaning of Your Name

Blog EntryImages & Words Week 171 - The Meaning of Your NameAug 11, '12 10:20 AM
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I think I've never told anybody here my official first name is CHRISTIANE which means follower of Christ...
German and French feminine form of Christian... Too easy to understand, isn't it?
What about Kia, now? That's how I'm called in everyday life by friends and family. I am the eldest of 4 and my little brother and sisters couldn't pronounce "Christiane" and said Kia...and I liked it!
I've never heard English-speaking people pronounce it, but I'm smiling at the idea!!
I don't like Kia is associated with cars :( (it's as if they had stolen it from me!!) and in that context  the word  derives from Korean words meaning "to arise to the world from Asia".

guazzetto25 wrote on Aug 11
you taught us many things with just a simple pic. Kia from car makes me laugh a lot but I'd never associated your name to the Korean car

belita747 wrote on Aug 11
A beautiful photo that illustrates your interesting explanation.... We have the Portuguese male and female names, Cristiano and Cristiana, yet they are not common at all.
Thanks for your visit!

andrewhanson wrote on Aug 11
Lovely green shot - Kia is a sweet name - I actually tried to use the Soundrecorder and recorded me saying your name - the actual sharing of that soundfile Im not sure how to do tho. Thanks for your delighted comment on my entry, dear.


tabbynera wrote on Aug 11
And I thought your real name would be something complicated to pronounce. Good shot of representation.

ladycallie wrote on Aug 11
simplistic beauty...photo and meaning for your name!


amalie2 wrote on Aug 11
sigh..I'm in awe by the beauty of your image.

ummancan wrote on Aug 11
Soooo you arised to the world from Belgium . Your name never reminded me the Korean cars.


debbydoes wrote on Aug 12
Lovely photo of the leaves with the bokeh effect. Green is my favorite color!

I like your nickname, and your given name is lovely, too.

Images & Words Week # 171 ~ The Meaning of Your Name

millimusings wrote on Aug 13
First of all your actual name Christiane is gorgeous!!
I love your Image and Words for the name. So beautiful.
Also your story about how you became Kia is such a sweet story and that name also suits you.
Thanks Kia for this fantastic post!


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