PICTURE PERFECT : Summer competition #5 ~ Book Titles

The windmill
I havent read that novel by Stephanie Gertler...it's the story of a couple whose seemingly perfect life is toppled in an instant and saved through their bold leap of faith. A novel that will remind us that sometimes you don't know how much you have until it's gone... The kind of mood that fits my picture, I thought...

Damme, l'instant magie...

guazzetto25 wrote on Aug 10
lovely shot Kia

serenole wrote on Aug 10
what a great shot! Love the fog and how the windmill is all but swallowed by the swirling mist.
thanks for stopping by mine.
PP#5 ~ A Book Title ~

fotofriday wrote on Aug 10
thats gorgeous...

msowens1 wrote on Aug 10
I think I need this book in my book club, love the photo! ;-)

mrsrh wrote on Aug 10
A nice shot for the theme.


mitchylr wrote on Aug 10

sharonl344 wrote on Aug 10
Those words are so true , about not realizing what you have until it's gone !!! Gorgeous photo !!


foxberryjule wrote on Aug 10

goofygreeneyes wrote on Aug 11
its a gorgeous gorgeous image.....but then...all your pictures are.....

fransformation wrote on Aug 11
Your photo would make the perfect book cover for The Windmill. It is eerily beautiful.


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