PICTURE PERFECT ~ Summer Comp. 2012, Week 4 ~ INFINITE

          The sky is the only limit...
Those poles are for mussel culture. There are thousands of them on 2 or3 km...

guazzetto25 wrote on Aug 1
trés belle photo, ma chere amie

poetessgarden wrote on Aug 1
a gorgeous seascape, it is infinite straight ahead and to the left!

sydco2wdvv wrote on Aug 1

hotstone2go wrote on Aug 1

rabbitfriendhere wrote on Aug 1
a shoreline is very infinite indeed! :-)

aussiechic66 wrote on Aug 1
This is a great shot, I am trying to remember what those poles in the water are, some kind of seafood farm, right?

zorra5 wrote on Aug 2
Lots of infinity in this photo! Beautiful job...

Picture Perfect - Infinite - Summer Competion # 4

mitchylr wrote on Aug 2
Wonderful shot, Kia. It's almost a mirror image reflected in the wet sand.

amalie2 wrote on Aug 2, edited on Aug 3
perfectly shot, kia. i've been looking at this photo for a while now...and is thrilled by its beauty!

i'm still on vacation, but will be at home tonight. maybe there might be time to post one then.

debbydoes wrote on Aug 2
oh, pretty! I love the reflection of the sky and clouds on the sand.

Picture Perfect Summer Competition 2012 ~ Week #4 ~ Infinite

mrsrh wrote on Aug 2
very nice and fits the theme perfectly


oneluckybean wrote on Aug 2
that is amazing..love this :))

aspenglow24 wrote on Aug 2
What a beauty - this is such a gorgeous shot and well-balanced

sweetpotatoqueen wrote on Aug 2
This is just a gorgeous scene....well done!

serenole wrote on Aug 3
almost hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins! Lovely shot!

Picture Perfect wk 4: Infinite

jacobofftheladder wrote on Aug 3

cruizin57 wrote on Aug 3
What a amazing shot Kia. Just perfect for theme.

cachinnae wrote on Aug 3

Thank you for your visit.

msowens1 wrote on Aug 3

crazykk wrote on Aug 4
Congratulations on your Top Ten!

fotofriday wrote on Aug 4
Congratulations on your Top ten!!

omgmav wrote on Aug 4

stararune wrote on Aug 4
Congratulations on the top ten!!!

rabbitfriendhere wrote on Aug 4
Congrats on your top ten submission! :-)

poetessgarden wrote on Aug 4
Congratulations on top ten!

msowens1 wrote on Aug 4
Congrats Kia on Top Ten!

foxberryjule wrote on Aug 4
I remember these poles. Awesome capture! Congratulations. On TT.

serenole wrote on Aug 4
congratulations on top ten! Great capture!

joanne7111 wrote on Aug 4
Congrats on making the Top Ten!

aussiechic66 wrote on Aug 5
Well done Kia, lovely shot!

esoterika713 wrote on Aug 5, edited on Aug 5
Wow, what are those thingies?
Very cool shot.
Oh, I just saw that you said what they were.

oceankinguk2003 wrote on Aug 5
Congrats on the top 10 Placing;)

amalie2 wrote on Aug 5

mitchylr wrote on Aug 5
Congrats on your Top Ten, Kia :-))

millimusings wrote on Aug 5
Congratulations Kia!!

wse3222 wrote on Aug 5
Congrats on your Top Ten.

dianadji wrote on Aug 5
Marvelous shot! Congrats Kia!

empressselena wrote on Aug 7
Congratulations on top 10! So many amazing shots I am glad I didn't have time to vote!

hungrydai wrote on Aug 7
It's an incredible shot. I may have put a Nepal flag on your flag counter Kia

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